How many professional engineers employed by your company and how about their education background?

Mysphere has many employees at present. They are all well educated holding at least bachelor degree. Mysphere put emphasis on experience in our recruiting, so Mysphere have some really outstanding staff who have valuable experience not only in IT area but also in project. They can bring their collective expertise to you at competitive price.

How can I benefit from working with Mysphere?

Mysphere assures that your projects will be done on time, to budget, and in accordance with international standards. You can outsource Mysphere your IT projects ranging from a simple utility to a total automation of your business. It is confidential and reliable. Copyright on the final project belongs to you. Also, due to abundant IT talents in INDIA, Mysphere can offer you an attractive price

What programming experience does Mysphere have?

Mysphere is working on almost all technologies and can provide programming for all Windows platforms and Linux. The technologies list includes Website designing and development, Web application development, Software development, Mobile App development, ERP development, Game development, Graphics design, Open source technologies, Redesign exiting website, Parallax Website, Responsive website, SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Writing. Mysphere have developed expertise in provide the customization and integration of open source technologies like OScommerce, Joomla, ZenCart, Magento, Wordpress, Modx, Durpal etc which also includes integration of online payment gateway and any other 3rd party systems, and Mysphere also build and manage custom CMS for managing the corporate websites

What makes Mysphere unique?

Expertise, experience, reliability and flexibility combined with low prices.

How can I be sure in your productivity and that you don't overcharge me?

You monitor every phase of development. Every phase has material results that you can see and review. If required, Mysphere can provide Individual in charge of Accounting and Status Reporting. The complete scope of the work is defined at the initial phase of development and approved by you. Of course, Mysphere is interested in long-term cooperation with you.

How do you determine how much a projects costs?

First, information is gathered about the proposed product through examining prior project and existing specifications. All the information gathered is then analyzed and the projects are broken down into smaller components, which are estimated separately

. How do you control time spent in the project?

Firstly, we'll make the projects schedule and preliminary review according to your module specifications. Then Mysphere submit the workload (in man hour) for your reference. After careful consideration and sufficient negotiation, Mysphere both side work out a rationale schedule, which ensures quality as well as efficiency. At this point, it's our duty to carry out the schedule strictly.

What makes a typical software package provided by Mysphere?

A typical software package usually contains:

  • Software itself
  • Quality Assurance documentation
  • Requirements documentation and design documentation
  • On-line context-sensitive help
  • Installation program and instructions
  • Completely documented source code
  • Maintenance instructions

Can I get an overview about the cost of my my project??

Yes, no doubts. Just contact Mysphere; our analysts will approach you as soon as possible. After analyzing your particular requirements, they will present you our free preliminary review.

How can I start using Mysphere Services?

Contact Mysphere with your business requirements, idea or simply questions.

How do clients control the projects progress?

Mysphere usually submit our weekly report to our clients by e-mail, including the work completed that week and the work plan for the next week. This ensures there will be no unpleasant surprises at the end of the development.

How can I be assured of high quality, reliable project?

Our workflow is aimed at quality and only quality. You will have preliminary versions of the project configure at your location for testing, verification and acceptance. During the 3-month warranty period after the project was configure in production mode, any problem in the code will be corrected free of charge.

Can client send a projects manager to your location for close cooperation?

Since direct communication can avoid many unnecessary misunderstanding, Mysphere welcomes your projects manager working on our site. Mysphere can arrange a meeting for your projects manager and Mysphere would like to provide other convenience as well.

How do you manage testing and delivery on the contracted work?

Mysphere usually perform testing at three different stages. They are plan testing at system analyzing phase, unit testing at coding phase and integration testing after the projects has been completed. So each projects experiences 3-phase testing: Alpha version, Beta version and final version. For medium projects, Mysphere make the delivery through two stages: Beta version delivery and final delivery. As for big project, the delivery will be realized in more phases.