business focus

We make an equally deep analysis of business needs - and here, we use a broad definition of "business" that includes enterprises, institutions, foundations, and startups. We look at revenue models and market forces, as well as the personal needs of the people who run the business. Two questions form the foundation of our analysis: What business problems (or opportunities) can we affect through our solution, and what's the inherent value of solving those problems?

As we explore these questions, we inevitably wade into more philosophical waters: Why is this project worth the investment? Why is it important to the business? Given infinite possibilities, why have they chosen this way to spend their money, effort, and time? How does this effort connect them to their ecosystem of peers, intellectual and marketplace neighbors, prospects, and investors?

We are strong follower of Open source, so we share our ideas at different forums, bogs, and websites. On our personal weblogs, our website, and in both public and private speaking engagements, we discuss our practices and ideas.