business models

Fixed Price / Fixed Time

We provide customers with a Project Quotation that describes in detail the project scope, schedule and the number of man-hours needed. The payment schedule for a Fixed Price/Fixed Date agreement depends on project milestones and duration.

As the name suggests, everything is fixed in this model. There is limited risk to both parties as the scope, price and timelines are fixed in this model. The advantage of this model is the mitigated risk that it offers to the stakeholders. The risk reduction is however based on the quality effort that precedes the agreement phase. Higher the detailing, lower are the surprises. Mysphere offers business consulting services during the specification stage.

Time and Material

In this case the "full time equivalent" scheme is applied which means that the customer is charged at a daily rate for each employee dedicated to the customer's project. All invoices for this type of contract are accompanied by project reports.

Mysphere has considerable exposure and experience in implementing time and material projects. The client benefits from the strong business analysis, research and project management experience of Mysphere in achieving the desired business solution. Managing complex projects needs expertise in various aspects of project management and a symbiotic and close interaction of various skills and tools. Mysphere has the advantage of having all of them under one roof.

The benefit of this model is that it provides a business solution for complex business problems focusing on a solution framework and using diverse skills. The benefit of this model is tangible and is dependent on the level of expertise of the service provider you choose.