content strategy

What Is Content Strategy and Why Should You Care?

Normally there are always multiple 'content' users like Customers, Suppliers,Channel partners, and Employee, for these users, you might be developing contents and information products for Internet, E-Commerce,E-catalog,Intranet,Enterprise portals,Marketing communication/product materials,Documentation, Training, Support

All Your contents including your website helps you to get more visitors, opportunities, and ultimately it gets you new business. However, web/Internet has become very dynamic in nature and contents gets obsolete in very short period of time. If it is true that your contents bring more business then it is extremely important to have well designed and defined content strategy.

If you or your organization has any sort of media presence (especially online), it's useful to consider your overall content strategy: what you intend to say, and when and how to say it, in order to connect and interact constructively and efficiently with the people you need to help you achieve your goals.A sound, simple content strategy can keep on track and stop you from missing valuable opportunities or wasting time and resources - or worse, sabotaging your own goals through inept communication.

In turn, content is wrapped in context - which is only partly determined by your intention behind the message you're sending. This means that ultimately you have surprisingly limited influence over the meaning someone receives from your content.

A well established content strategy helps you to get a handle on all the content-the intellectual capital-in your organization. A well established content strategy means integrating your processes from content creation to content management and delivery, ensuring that information is created, managed, and delivered consistently, in the way that users need it, without duplicating your efforts

Within your organization, you most likely create tremendous volumes of content to support your products, services, and business processes. Getting content out to the right people at the right time and in the right format is critical to your success. Not only is there a tremendous amount of content to get out, you may also publish it in number of different formats and for many different media and well established content strategy can reduce the redundancy of contents and save time and cost.

Any organization lacking well established content strategy would have following attributes

  • Redundancy of contents (Very common, same data are available on different locations, machine and media without having any process of 'reusability')
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of sharing
  • Lack of standardization and consistency
  • Higher cost of content creation, management, and delivery

If you are having any of this with you, you need well defined, established and unified content Strategy.

How it helps?

It ensures that you have Just the right content, to Just the right person, at Just the right time, on Just the right device, in Just the right context, in Just the right way. We would help you to identify and redesign content strategy by
  • Avoiding the content redundancy
  • Reducing the costs of creating, managing, and distributing content
  • Ensuring that content effectively supports your organizational and customer needs
  • Content audit
  • Content re-purposing
  • Information architecture
  • Internal site search optimization
  • Taxonomy
  • Advertising and user contributions as content
  • Data protection

What do you get from this?
  • Building or maintaining healthy relationships
  • Spreading news or information
  • Establishing, shifting, or repairing your identity or reputation
  • Obtaining cooperation, validation, or support - sometimes from unexpected quarters
  • Teaching and learning
  • Soliciting ideas, questions, or other feedback
  • Creative or practical collaboration
  • Clarifying and addressing issues, opportunities, or problems
  • Persuading people to do specific things (actions)

We would defined and deliver a content strategy which , Iterative Interactive and Dynamic