interface design

Interface Design is also call as Graphical User Interface Design, Software Interface Design, User Interface Design, Presentation Layer, UI Design, and GUI Design.

A successful website / app delivers content and information quickly and effectively, but this doesn't mean you have to settle for a dull, stripped-down looking website. The look and feel of your website is every bit as important as the underlying code that keeps it running, especially if you want to keep your site's visitors interested and coming back frequently.

The visual design of a Web application or Web site or app needs to educate customers on how to make use of available information and services, while making sure to communicate the right message. This requires proper use of visual organization and personality (or look and feel): the two components of visual design.Any given web page is composed of many distinct elements. Navigation menus (possibly several layers deep), contact information, search boxes, site identifiers, and shopping carts are just a few. The visual organization of a web page can communicate valuable information about the similarities and differences between these elements and their relative importance. It also guides users through the site's content and interactions.

Where humans and computers meet is one of the most interesting areas in Information Technology. If a shaped flint tied to a stick stands at the base of humans' technological evolution, the personal computer is somewhere near the top for the sheer diversity of tasks that can be performed with it. However, despite its great standing, one can often feel like hitting a computer with a useful stone axe when poor design reduces it to nothing more than a grey, uncompromising box.

The fault of poor design often lies in the interface. Software performs tasks - for example running a sales report or taking a turn at chess, but it is generally limited once you step outside its programmed parameters; it breaks, or it cannot adapt. A good interface design should support the software and support the user's mental model of how the tasks they are trying to perform are organized.

Why it is important to you?

The personality of an interface is what provides the emotional impact - your instinctual response to what you see. Creating an appropriate personality requires the use of colors, type treatments, images, shapes, patterns, and more, to "say" the right thing to your audience. Personality provides distinction, appeal, and unity. If properly applied, these characteristics create meaningful and engaging communication that make visiting your Web site an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

The importance of good User Interface Design can be the difference between product acceptance and rejection in the marketplace. If end-users feel it is not easy to learn, not easy to use, or too cumbersome, an otherwise excellent product could fail. Good User Interface Design can make a product easy to understand and use, which results in greater user acceptance.

Optimized User Interface Design requires a systematic approach to the design process. But, to ensure optimum performance, Usability Testing is required. This empirical testing permits naïve users to provide data about what does work as anticipated and what does not work. Only after the resulting repairs are made can a product be deemed to have a user optimized interface.

How do we help?

Products don't have to be complex. Your ideas aren't complex and your software doesn't have to be either. Our design process helps make your website / App a reflection of your ideas. We help make things easy and friendly to understand and use. Our specialty is in making complex interactions simple and bringing ideas to life.

Our team will work closely with you and your company during every stage of your site's development and will effectively determine how best to achieve your goals. We can assist your company in making your products easy to learn, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and marketable. Our User Interface Design and Usability Testing experts' experience covers a wide range of products including web-based and application software.