models of offshore development center.

Mysphere is dedicated to building long-term relationships and looking forward to helping our new clients to reach their business goals much faster with the unbeatable combination of the highest quality services with the definite bottom-line benefits of outsourcing.

We offer the following offshore development center models

An ODC is created, staffed and operated by Mysphere to serve as a seamless extension of client IT/development staffs. The main advantages of the ODC model are:

Onsite/Offshore Model

Under this model, depending upon the specific set of services involved and scale of the project, Mysphere will put in place a combination of onsite and offshore technical resources that will become a virtual extension of the customer's team. On an average, 70% of the total effort is done offshore and 30% at the customer's site. Typically, an onsite coordinator or a small team from the Mysphere will be located at the customer's site to synchronize between the offshore team and the customer.

Dedicated Offshore Development Center (Managed By Customer)

Under this model, Mysphere provides the resources and infrastructure for the customer to manage the Offshore Development Center by their management at senior level responsible for project management and deliverables. These Offshore Development Center adopt the customer specific business processes, methodologies, quality management, and acquisition of technology expertise as per the need of the customer's projects.

We recommend this model for long-term projects. It allows you to have a virtual extension of your in-house team, which will provide you with substantial cost savings and innovative, cutting-edge solutions, and reduces time-to-market delivery.

Build - Operator - Transfer

Mysphere Build-Operate-Transfer model enables customers to rapidly start offshore operations and later transfer the offshore development center as their own subsidiary. With predefined schedules, Mysphere transfers all the ODC resources, infrastructure, operational knowledge, etc to the customer to operate as an independent entity.

Offshore Development Center (Managed By Mysphere)

Under this model, Mysphere manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables to the customer from the Offshore Development Center. The Customer allocates tasks and manages reviews. All processes including the development processes and quality management systems and standards are deployed as per Mysphere best practices. However, at every phase Mysphere takes the customer's key inputs before implementation.