online presence building

In the era of globalization and 'flat-world' it has become extremely important for business to have successful 'web presence'. The concept of web presence has changes since 'dot com' boom. Web presence today, not only requires to have a formal website but it also requires, proper 'positioning', SEO (Search engine optimizations), e-marketing and brilliant user experience.

Creating a successful, cost-effective online presence appears to get away many organizations. What many companies or non-profits end up with is often not much more than a static online advertisement. And while an online catalog website is arguably better than nothing, most organizations could achieve more benefit from having an online presence that builds brand, interactivity, bloging, community, conversation, and content into their website.

Building brand, interactivity, community, conversation, and content into a website requires a lot of planning and thought, with a clear understanding of the objectives and the audience that will be using the website. The fundamentals of developing a successful online presence include

Ensuring customer confidence, accessibility compliance with industry standards and legislation, in addition to providing a quality online experience, is critical; our Online Presence Building service helps you to develop a state-of-the-art online presence. We offer sphere service in the development of transactional, corporate and informational, and community websites.

We help you to have a successful web presence; we provide our professional and expert service to identify both your business needs on the web, and the needs of your customers and audience. We also discussed and assist on how identifying your business model, and providing unified branding is important

Development Plan

We deliver you detail development plan which provides you all require information about our process and how your project would be executed, broadly it includes following points

Our execution approach for successful online presence includes

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Why we are Building a project for you?
  • When Will deliver you?
  • Who Is the Intended Audience for your project?
  • Why they will look your project?
  • Once they visit your project, What they do and how you want them to proceed?
  • Will they come back? Why?
  • How you can measure success of your project?
  • Flow and navigation structure of your project
  • If require we, check with your lawyers, NDA and other agreements
  • If it require to revisit the budget?