task analysis

For whom you are developing your website or app? For yourself? For developers? No, the correct answer is, you are building your online presence for your customers and users, many online business organization ignores that it is designed for user. Testing by real users and most importantly testing and analysis done by third party with 'unlearning' can identity critical areas which normally are not observed by 'experts'.

Task analysis is finding out what tasks your users perform and how they want to perform them - to a high enough level that early designs can be started straight after this (much deeper level than focus groups). This includes the content and functionality 'map' for a website that users will expect to see

Task analysis analyses what a user is required to do in terms of actions and/or cognitive processes to achieve a task. A detailed task analysis can be conducted to understand the current system and the information flows within it. These information flows are important to the maintenance of the existing system and must be incorporated or substituted in any new system. Task analysis makes it possible to design and allocate tasks appropriately within the new system. The functions to be included within the system and the user interface can then be accurately specified.

This can be done to a high enough level that early designs can be started straightaway. This means you will have a content and functionality 'map' for your website what users will expect to us

As the designs develop, they can be tested in more detail with individual users or focus groups, interactively refining how the users undertake tasks.

Without cognitive task analysis you can build a site / app that works in a way your customers don't understand, or waste time and money building functionality they will never use - we've seen this happen.

Why do you need this?

When you start your website or app, you must be having very good list of features that you wish to have in your app/website. This could be a result from market survey, analysis and other research activity. However, it would be very important to add few more tasks to this list like, how your user would use this functionality? How you would develop your functionality and application flow so your user can use it at best. Task analysis helps you in this; it assures that your app/website is delivering best to customer in a way they wish to have it.

What we do?

In the early stages of development, we can organize set group sessions with your customers, and research what functionality they really require. Then we analyze their mental models for those tasks, the approaches they need and the terminology they use, and suggest a site design that matches this.

Our professional service by experts are designed to delver you high-end analysis report with recommendations and suggestion to improve. We analyzed and used following tools, but not limited to

  • Site visits
  • Web server log analysis
  • Tools (We use our own web based application which provides moment of users on your website, like form they arrived? What they did? Etc)
  • Web-based surveys

This should give you detail report highlighting following areas
  • What are the main tasks performed by the intended users?
  • Which tasks are parts of other tasks?
  • Which tasks are performed linearly?
  • Which tasks are performed repeatedly in a single session?
  • What user assistance (online Help) is needed each step of the way?
  • Which tasks are performed frequently and which infrequently?
  • Would users prefer to have the tasks organised by frequency of use or by the order in which they are performed?