web application development

Our company specializes in the development of sophisticated client-server systems to be used in global Internet or Intranet networks. We deal among other things with internal workflow systems, online storage & backup technologies, and online databases of any complexity (including distributed servers). Special attention is paid to security considerations for such systems. Our professionals are experienced both in developing their own high-level protocols, and in dealing with existing protocols (e.g. we implemented some TCP/IP stack protocols). In addition to system development we can offer a high-quality administration of systems that are put in operation.

Today each and every business has ways where an Internet or Intranet applications can streamline communication. From on-line project management, status and reporting, to extending on-line content and document authoring for multiple branch offices while using centralized data management.Mysphere can help you organize and deploy a powerful and expandable Internet, Intranet or portal application to empower your users with the information they need, when they need it.

Client - side programming

  • HTML, CSS, DHTML, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular JS, Flash, XML

Server - side programming
  • PHP, PHP Smarty, Phone Gap, Java

  • MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Access

Operating System
  • Linux, Windows

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